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Hazama following tells Ragna so you can eliminate one another having Nu, this new Blade out-of Izanami, on her alterations

Hazama following tells Ragna so you can eliminate one another having Nu, this new Blade out-of Izanami, on her alterations

Nu up coming attacks Noel, in which Celica Ayatsuki Mercury attempts to include their, which makes Nu attack they both it is banned by Old boyfriend Machina: Minerva of hurting him or her

Later, once Hazama renders Phantom teleport Ragna to the Grave Marker from Basics, then he declares the start of new “Heart-Warming Reunion” and you may can make Nu arrive to Ragna.

After Nu knows Ragna, she laughs and you will says to Ragna which they is to initiate destroying per almost every other. Nu and you can Ragna strive, however, since the Ragna was not giving their most of the, she informs him that he is not carrying out sufficient for her, hence pushes Ragna to activate their Bluish Grimoire. Yet not, an effective Dimensional Interference starts in the region, and you may Ragna gets unable to activate their BlazBlue. Just after Ragna was surprised at the point that such as for instance a giant top of Dimensional Interference is happening, Hazama tells Ragna that it’s you can easily thanks to the Emperor’s fuel. Immediately following Ragna tries to assault Hazama, he makes Nu attack Ragna, where she injures him. Nu says to Ragna not to capture their interest someplace else and that the guy is always to only check the woman.

It’s seen after that when the fresh Dimensional Interference, this new burns off that Nu had provided to Ragna is filed on the their Blue Grimoire, and therefore burns off got opened later at a restaurant which have Taokaka and you will Bullet.

Afterwards shortly after Noel Vermillion received control over this lady strength as the Mu-several, Hazama ambushes the woman and produces Nu “observe” the girl and you can fight the girl. Following battle, Nu retreats regarding urban area.

When Litchi Faye Ling visits Ikaruga locate Kokonoe Mercury and you will waits that have TR-0009 Tager, Azrael coincidentally seems and Nu appears to attack Litchi below Hazama’s buy. Nu easily beats Litchi it is incapable of end the girl off as Kagura Mutsuki and you can Tager interferes and you will escapes along with her, in which Nu are leftover by yourself on the disappointed Azrael. Azrael struggles to combat Nu once the she had no attacking intents against your.

Later on from inside the competition in the Colosseum, Nu is seen status which have Hazama as he talks to Hades: Izanami. After, Hazama says to Nu to follow your therefore they can promote customizations to her.

When Ragna, Noel, and you can Celica check out Asphyxia to help you obtain the Kushinada’s Lynchpin and involved to get Shag Shishigami’s help, Relius, Nu, and you may Litchi violence them to stop him or her of triggering the new Lynchpin. Nu symptoms Noel, and initiate synchronisation along with her. They both enter into a blank white area where Nu and Noel see each other in the a mirror. Just after Noel declares one Nu try Noel Vermillion due to being pulled toward problem, brand new synchronisation really works.

Once going back in order to facts, Nu says to Relius your synchronization which have Noel had accomplished. It is indicated that as a result of the synchronization, Nu got and end up being a replacement of your own Blue. Relius next orders Nu so you’re able to destroy Noel once the she actually is of no explore any more. Later, Relius requests Nu to go to in which Hazama are. Ragna informs Nu to eliminate, however, she ignores him and you may actually leaves.

Nu up coming appear underneath the entrances out of Nemesis Horizon. Hazama orders Nu to start it and you will pull Master Tool Amaterasu from the jawhorse. Nu activates her Blue Grimoire and prays while the Successor out of this new Blue to tell Master Equipment Amaterasu to appear ahead of her. The fresh Nemesis Views upcoming opens up and you may Amaterasu becomes summoned on the facts.

Hazama upcoming declares your Banquet is beginning and you may informs Nu and you will Ragna to carry on destroying each other as their “song” usually discover the newest Nemesis Opinions

Immediately after Highlander: Takemikazuchi are summoned on the environment, Hades: Izanami instructions Nu in order to fuse having Takemikazuchi in order to manage they. However, to your joint energy out-of Jin, Noel and you will Ragna, the fresh Takemikazuchi is actually beaten.

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